MacBook Crack Screen or Display Repair

SYMPTOMS Many problems start with cracks in the screen. If your screen has a crack, it's  important that you  fix it as soon as possible because your MacBook will lose its ability  to protect itself from dust and  debris. This will make your laptop vulnerable to  overheating, which can cause further damage.  Cracks can also hinder performance,  such as by blocking part of the screen, or software  functionality by covering a button Your cracked Macbook screen will also cause some problems with your computer such as; - Pictures on the screen are dark. - Double vision (seeing two images or reflections) causing a blurry picture.  INTRODUCTION The Macbook screen on your Macbook is a very important device, protecting the  display that   shows you everything from your email to your favorite websites. Laptop  screens are  made of glass in order to be able to show you the pictures and give you  crisp clear  mages. Otherwise, they would be made of metal or plastic. Why did my MacBook screen